Kenmore dishwasher

June 15, 2012

Kenmore is a respectful mark of household machines that always are preoccupied by finding new and innovative technologies to put into their products.

Kenmore Dishwashers are not an exception from this rule,this kind of products is not just very practical but improve very much the lifestyle and maintenance of a house.  Kenmore also have refrigerators and they make no compromise to quality. To be convinced of the qualities of these products read some refrigerator reviews and check out the dishwasher ratings.

The newest Kenmore Dishwasher is high-efficiency and is using the ultimate 360° PowerWash technology. That is why this model has some of the best dishwasher ratings for this category of appliances. How this technology works exactly? Well this innovative technology involves a spray arm that easily reaches every dish from any corner and just washes even the last spot, letting all of the dishes very clean.

Another good thing about this Kenmore Dishwasher is that it has 5 cycles and also 5 washing programs so you can choose the one that you need, best said the one that your dished need.

It also represents a great investment not only because it is very practical and a life-saver but also because it saves energy and water. Comparing it to other types of dishwasher from this point of view Kenmore Dishwasher is more advantageous.

The best qualities of this product are:

-          It offers exceptional cleaning. The ultimate spray arm system reaches all corners to wash even the last dirt.

-          It is very efficient. The newest technology that is Ultra Wash HE system is using electric sensors in order to verify in every moment the level of soil and to adapt the temperature and the water to the conditions. Another great thing about this machine is that it is part of ENERGY STAR class but also CEE Tier 2 Qualified.

-          It dries very efficient. The dishwasher does not have vents on the front part for a simplified look.

-          It is very quiet. The Kenmore Elite line is the quietest line that Kenmore has ever made, the loudest sound that it gets is about 49 decibels but it depends on which cycle the machine is.

-          It is very productive. It offers you a lot of space for putting all kind of dishes from small ones to plats.

The main features that the Kenmore dishwasher offers are: the 360 degree PowerWash technology described above, that helps you clean all of your dishes, the latch door that comes out easily, the smooth movement of the rails, the high temperature washes option, the intelligent sensors, you can delay the start up to 4 hours, the control lockout.

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