How to grow roses

April 10, 2012

Any person who has a garden should learn how to grow roses at some point because they are very beautiful and their flowers last for a very long time. All of us hear all the time that roses are very hard to grow and care and this is partially true. The level of difficulty depends only on the type of roses you want to plant. If you buy a low maintenance rose you will have no problems in planting it and caring for it.

  • When you want to plant roses you must know the time when they need to be pruned. All roses need to be pruned at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring. This is the time of year when the roses start to give signs of growing. If you look closer you will see small bulbs forming on the branch of the rose that is a sign that leaves are starting to grow. The red buds indicate that new branches are going to appear.
  • If you see any dead branches cut them because they are no good for the rose. After you have cleaned the roses cut all the new branches and leave only five main branches.
  • Cut the branches at the level you want your rose bushes to be.
  • After you have done all these it is time to fertilize the plant. Roses are plants who consume a lot of fertilize especially in the growing season. For this flower you should use a liquid fertilize instead of the solid one. Read the instructions written on the label to learn how much you have to add.
  • Add the roses on a regular basis because they need it, watering it once a week is enough. If you live in a hot climate you should figure out some kind of irrigation system.
  • Spray you roses if you notice any diseases or insects on them. If you do not do so they will become ill and dye. Cut any damaged part if you think that you should and take care of the rest of the plant.
  • Once their flowers have dyed you can stop fertilizing them. If you live in a cool climate you will need to cover them with something or they will freeze.

So, these are some of the steps on how to grow roses in the comfort of your home. As you can see it is quite easy and anyone can do it.

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