Wild black raspberry bushes grow along roadside or abandoned fields, but they can successfully grow in your garden if you know some basic information about how to plant and take care of them.



This arching shrub grows about 6 feet tall and it features reddish purple stems with sharp thorns. When you decide to cultivate wild black raspberries, keep in mind that they produce fruit only when they are 2 years old. Being wild plants, the key to success is to provide them wild growing conditions. The best part is that they do not need much care.

After you procured the wild black raspberries, plant them about 300 feet away from other raspberry plants because they are likely to bear latent viral infections even if they do not show any symptom.

Wild black raspberries love sunny places, so choose a spot with fully exposure to the sun. Pruning must be done in the spring by removing all old and dead canes. The canes that did fruit won`t do anymore, so cut them off too. Make sure you wear heavy gloves when pruning, because the sharps thorns will hurt you. It is recommended to pinch 1 inch from new growth as it appears. Doing this will make the bush grow new branches.

If you want to properly cultivate wild black raspberries, you should periodically check for any signs of disease. The mosaic virus is the most popular disease, but its symptoms vary according to the virus of the complex. Short, weak canes and green or yellow sports in foliage are signs of infestation. When the tips of canes are infected, they fall down, turn black and die. To prevent the appearance of the mosaic virus, spray the bush with insecticide to kill the aphids, the ones responsible for this disease.


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