Ever since I can remember I wanted a house, big or small, with a beautiful back yard and garden. So every time I would look at houses, I checked whether they had a garden or not first. I don’t like gardening all that much, but I love the idea of spending quiet afternoons in a hammock, reading a book and drinking a glass of wine. Therefore, when the time came for me to buy my first home, I was frantically searching for a piece of property with great garden space. I wanted to have enough space to plant flower beds, put in sods, maybe even do a little landscaping with stone walkways and decorative garden items. Anyway, the houses that had such gardens were incredibly expensive and with the mortgage loan rates in Ottawa still suffering the impact of the market fluctuations, there was no way I could afford them. I was driving my broker crazy, because he was showing me great house after great house, but I would turn all of them down because they didn’t have my dream garden.

It took months until I finally settled on a home and it was, without a doubt, the best home I could dream of. It had a wonderful garden, with plenty of space for me to do whatever I wanted, plant all the flowers I wished for and do all the landscaping I could think of. It was cheaper than everything I had seen so far, yet more expensive than the properties that didn’t have much or any kind of garden. However, I was lucky because my broker found this union credit company that was giving me a loan at a much better interest rate than the current mortgage loan rates in Ottawa, so I qualified for the loan and I was relieved to find that I could easily handle the monthly mortgage payments. I even had enough left in my budget to take care of my garden, which, as much desired space as it provided me with, was in an awful state and needed much work to be done. I started investing in it, I planted trees and flowers, I put in grass sods and did a little landscaping and it very fast turned into my dream garden. In addition, the more time I spent in that house, the more I realized the house was too the dream home for me.

So, I guess the dream garden comes with the dream house and if you are patient and have the necessary perseverance to wait for it to come along, it will totally be worth it in the end. Plus, you may even have my luck and find the best mortgage loan rates in Ottawa you could possibly find. It is important though to be reasonable and acknowledge that in order for some aspects to trump, others have to lose its importance, so be sure not to start a wild goose chase. A house can not be as big as you want it to be, have large property and also be cheap. However, keep in mind that a beautiful garden, landscaped and decorated the way you want it, surely turns a house into a home and makes it a greater place to live in, not to mention the fact that it increases the value of the property.


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