Outdoor relaxation area

January 25, 2014

When considering a yard renovation project, most people usually focus on plants, flowers and water features. The last thing that usually comes to mind is a relaxation area, and even the people who do consider this, they usually focus on patio furniture. However, we have a more interesting idea about how an outdoor relaxation area should look like. Stay with us, as we will teach you how to create your own green heaven.

Outdoor bed

As we mentioned above, when most people design outdoor relaxation areas, they usually focus on patio furniture. While a bed is not an element easily associated with a yard, it can be a great idea. For starters, what’s the point of having a nice yard, if you don’t have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy that yard. When designing an outdoor space, don’t try to make it look like a catalog picture, but try to make it comfortable and homey. An outdoor bed will give you the opportunity to enjoy some extremely relaxing siestas, your sleep being induced by the relaxing bird chirps. An outdoor bed can also be a comfortable reading spot. However, in order for your area to be as relaxing as possible, it is important to choose a good mattress. You can find a lot of helpful reviews on http://www.mattressdirectnow.com, a website which analyzes the pros and cons of the best rated mattresses on the market.

As far as the bed frame goes, as long as the bed is covered from weather caprices, you can even choose an indoor bed frame. If you have a more rustic relaxation area in mind, you can create a fame made of wood pallets. As long as the mattress is comfortable enough, the pallets will wok just fine. And if you want to make things even more comfortable, you can try a swinging bed.


In order to enjoy the outdoor relaxation area as often as possible, make sure to protect it from all discomforts and inconveniences. You can organize the area underneath a small garden tent, on your patio or even on your balcony. make sure to have the area protected by some veils, so that your relaxation time will not be interrupted by mosquito and other insects.

Comfort features

Make sure to equip your outdoor sitting area with pillows, and other comfort inducing elements. It is essential that you also equip this area with some lighting fixtures. You may want to be romantic and choose candles but that should be avoided considering the fact that there will be a lot of wood in the area not to mention the veils. A mini fridge can also be a great idea as it will allow you to enjoy a cold beverage without having to go inside to get one.


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