My perfect garden oasis

June 24, 2014

I’ve always wanted to live in a charming little house, with its own back yard or garden and when I finally had the money to move out of my boring flat, I found the perfect piece of property. Some people dream about large villas and three bathrooms, while my only dream was to have a patch of green space, as little as it might be, something to call a garden and my dream came true when I found this property. Fortunately, the house looked pretty amazing, so I didn’t have much to remodel or decorate or even improve, so I focused all my attention to the back garden, as I really wanted to turn it into something unique, my own little oasis on Earth. I browsed through many photos of garden decor concepts, trying to see what others have made with their gardens, and I found some amazing ideas, but none that was applicable to me, because they were either not suitable for a small garden such as mine or they were too common. However, skipping from one website to the next, I accidently found a platform that sold vintage marquee lights and suddenly the best idea struck me: my own, vintage, open air Hollywood.

It may sound trashy or tasteless, but I can assure you, when I was finished, it was nothing of the sort. First, I wanted to buy and set up these couple of forged iron benches, as wood didn’t look so good in my Hollywoodian themed garden, in order to get an idea of where everything would be placed. The benches were a great idea and they made my garden look exactly like a decor out of Funny Face, which gave me another great idea. I also bought one of those vintage bicycles that Audrey Hepburn rode in the movie and simply rested on this big tree I have. Then, I looked for vintage marquee lights that would go with the entire scene and I found these great looking stars, which definitely made the entire garden appear as a celeste scene out of a 50s movie. However, I felt like something was missing and then I realized I had been so focused on finding decor items that I had totally ignored the basis of any garden: flowers. I am not much of a gardener, so planting and trying to grow flower beds was out of the question, but I found this amazing antique goat cart with flowers that I only had to water.


My project was almost complete, but, after I bought the beautiful stars from the vintage marquee lights store, I went back and also got some lighting letters. At first, I didn’t know exactly what I went it to spell, but then I went back to the basic concept that inspired the whole project, Funny Face, and I wrote “ Take the picture” in marquee letters on this wooden fence screen I had in the back. I found it to be quite the inspiration for discussion. Anyway, my garden is now my perfect oasis and all of my friends can barely wait for the spring and summer, so that they can come over and have a cocktail in the sun or party at night in my beautifully decorated back yard. 

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