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October 23, 2012

The wonderful thing about flowers is that they are alive and they can feel our presence, just like we feel and enjoy theirs. The more you care for a flower or plant, the stronger and more beautiful it will grow. This is a miracle of the symbiotic connection between people and every living thing in the universe. Just think about the wonderful bonsai, which is such a special type of plant that it responds if you talk to it or play it music. It is said that some plants can even feel the atmosphere in a home and respond accordingly. If the atmosphere is relaxed and happy, the plant will be vibrant and happy too, but if there’s tension and unhappiness, the plant will suffer and even die. Women seem to have that sensitive chord when it comes to flowers. They manage to communicate better and to appreciate the beauty of a flower in its smallest detail. Therefore, it really comes as no surprise that in all important events flowers are given. Last year you’ve probably offered your mother a lovely flower bouquet for Mother’s Day, so why not do the same thing this year?

Our society has placed great importance over flowers, so much that in certain cultures they are used as offerings to the gods while in others each flower is a symbol for something else. Taking care of flowers, plants and trees is also one of the favorite pastime activities of people of all ages. There are many households that have a complete gardening tool set, including mowing machines and motosega per potatura. When we talk of flower delivery London is one of the most important places where you can find the rarest and most special types of flowers.  For those that wonder where they can find truly special bouquets of flowers London also offers designer-name unique arrangements. At the same time, if you are looking for garden gifts for mom, living in London stands as a real advantage. Here you will find lovely garden flowers that are sure to make any day brighter and colorful.
The UK has a special relationship with flowers, thanks to the Victorian Age attitude towards them. Victorians had invented something called the language of flowers, or floriography, which was a means of communication in which certain flowers or floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. This was achieved through an art that still has some following today and which is termed “Tussie-massie”. Through this procedure, someone creates an arrangement of flowers and herbs that express a certain message. Just imagine how lovely it would be to send your mother a different Happy Mother’s Day this year!

Summer flowers were especially favorite when it came to finding a language of flowers, because it was also the time of the year that people could walk around holding bouquets of them, and men could sport them at their boutonniere. You can still find a list of summer flowers’ meanings if you like, and create your own meaningful and significant bouquet every day.

Most of the nuances of this language are lost, but certain flowers have kept their significance, so that roses still imply passionate, romantic love, white roses express purity and chastity and innocence and yellow roses stand for friendship and devotion. Sunflowers can indicate haughtiness or respect, gerberas mean innocence, the iris represents the sending of a message, and pansies signify thought, whereas ivy stands for fidelity and friendship. These and many more flowers had powerful meanings in Victorian times, and though most of them have been lost, flowers are still essential to who we are. Garden gifts for mothers day are always a great thought, so why not do something significant this year and send your mom a message using the language of flowers?

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