Lg dishwasher

April 18, 2012

LG improves daily life of users with innovative appliances that combine style and technological excellence, while maintaining leadership in the environmental industry. For LG the quality of products is also very important.

Also, LG Electronics uses the most advanced and most inspiring designs. LG is committed to protecting the environment and create optimized products for consumers – the basic principle to help our planet.

LG proactively address issues related to energy and environment, working to improve these areas and exploring a number of ways to minimize gases emissions and increase energy efficiency. Beyond greener products, this philosophy is used in all processes to global standards.

Also, LG takes care of homes customers’ health, creating products with features that take into account healthcare and eliminates germs and allergens from the environment.

All of the LG Dishwashers respect all of these principles offering all the features that you need, but also taking care about the environment.

LG Electronics presents at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 LG dishwasher TrueSteam steam technology for the best performance from washing dishes. TrueSteam technology eliminates the need for pre-washing dishes before placing in washing machine, saving energy, time and effort. The new car also has a set of innovative features that offer more convenience to users.

TrueSteam technology works in three stages: penetration, melting and impregnation. Steam Power mode involves the release of high temperature steam from nozzles under pressure. Steam droplets are attached to the residue left on the dishes, pick up the melting temperature and dissolved food debris. Temperature and steam pressure are controlled by integrated generator, which is strong enough to dissolve the residue dried or burned.

For dishes that require more delicate treatment cycle Delicate Steam cleaning of a LG Dishwasher offers a gentler alternative to ensure their protection. Dual Function Steam allows a different pressure on each level, giving them the opportunity to wash users simultaneously several types of vessels, while saving water, energy and time.

Meanwhile, the unique EasyRack Plus of a LG Dishwasher allows a different configuration of drawers loading vessels. Design features allow great flexibility inside, managed to accomplish so many types of family needs. EasyRack Plus system is designed to maximize the load capacity of drawers and allow easy placement of the various forms of bowls, pans, plates or other vessels.

Washing car’s performance is due to LG Inverter Direct Drive system. This advanced technology optimizes engine power required to charge each vessel, transferring the energy from the engine directly to the sprinkler system.

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