How to grow tomatoes

March 19, 2012

Learning how to grow tomatoes isn’t such hard work. If you can provide enough sunlight, the job is half done, as you can do it with a garden or without one.

There are numerous places, like under glass, in pots or grow bags, where you can grow tomatoes but the principle is basically the same. If you really have space issues and need a tighter corner in your apartment to grow tomatoes, you can follow the new trend of having small grow boxes with lights and everything, which you just plug in, and which can be ordered ready-made and brought to your home. First of all during winter the soil needs to be prepared. It is recommended that you clean and disinfect the greenhouse, pot or wherever you want to plant your tomatoes. For the plant to grow big and healthy you must add some manure or some rotted compost. This will make the soil very water retaining, with a pH of 6.5-7. To get to the right amount of pH you can apply some lime to make it a little bit more acid. A general fertilizer is recommended to be applied with two or three weeks before you plant the tomatoes seeds.

In the process of learning how to grow tomatoes you must understand the importance of light and warmth. Usually nature does all the hard job, so it’s recommended to seed in an unheated place in early April so you can plant out in May.

Sowing tomato seeds can be done in trays. The tray should be filled up with compost, before you start sprinkling yours seeds evenly on the surface. Be careful not to overcrowd them. For watering you should use a large plastic tray, in which you put water, and then the tray with the seeds on top of it. Sprinkling water over the seeds will most likely destroy all your work.

In about 8 days the seed will germinate and the leaves will start to emerge. You will think you have learned how to grow tomatoes, but be calm, there is still some work to do. If the leafs are expanded, you must prick the plant and transfer it into another tray (preferable modular trays) or pots, that are filled with compost.

The lesson on how to grow tomatoes is almost at the end. For the next part you will have to put a hard stick in the tray and tie the tomato stem to the stick. Be careful, the string must be loose, the stem should not be tighten to the cane. Another solution that people have found in recent years is indoor growing; this is a great option for those without a yard or garden, or without the space necessary for growing vegetables outdoors. There are online tutorials on how to build your own growing cabinet, complete with lighting and whatever else a plant needs; you will need however to find a special type of light or light bulb, but you can check out stores like and browse through their wide variety of products.

One more tip on how to grow tomatoes is about pest control. You should be very careful at white flies or aphids. If any of these appear go to your local garden shop and purchase some pesticide!

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