How to grow strawberries

April 9, 2012

Learning how to grow strawberries maybe be more useful than you can realize at this moment. It is known that this red, juicy fruit has more vitamin C than citrus fruits. And the best part is that that there are enough varieties that can grow all away from Alaska to the hottest parts of Florida.

The first thing you should know in the process of learning how to grow strawberries is regarding the spot you should grow your fruits. A place that can provide enough sun light, warmth and has a excellent drainage can be very suitable for planting. You should consider a pre-existing garden bed or other planting beds.

A visit at the a specialized store is recommended because they can provide you the best plants that can grow in your region. Most used strawberry varieties are June-barriers, ever bearing and day-neutral types. You should also check if the plants are certified disease-free, to ensure yourself that the crop won’t be ruined, or maybe your whole garden affected.

We will continue the process of learning how to grow strawberries with advices about planting. The planting bed should be tilled to a depth of at least 30 cm. Manure and fertilizer should be added, to create a fertile soil. Chemical fertilizers should be avoid when you want to grow plants that you intend to eat. The pH of the soil should be around 6, as strawberry plant prefer a more acid soil. A hole should be dogged for each plant, that is about 15 cm wide and it’s deep enough so the roots can fit it. The crown should be at ground level, and the routs should be fully covered with soil.

Knowing when to water the plants is also very important in learning how to grow strawberries. Two or three cm of water applied each week should be enough. Moisture should be always preserved, so you should be careful not to let the soil dry out. Weeds should be exterminated as soon as they appear.

In the first year strawberry flowers will probably appear. It Is highly recommended that you pick all the flowers off the plant. If they will start forming berries, the plant will become weakened, and the production for the next year will be very poor. The next year when the plant is mature enough, you should pick all the strawberries, and they should be eaten or preserved as soon as possible.

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