How to grow potatoes

April 1, 2012

If you want to enjoy some fresh harvested potatoes, right from your personal garden, this lesson on how to grow potatoes will help you a lot.

The first part in the “how to grow potatoes” lesson is about soil preparation. First you must choose an area that it’s sunny most of the time. Also you must be sure the place won’t freeze during cold weather. Potatoes have no preference in soil type. You really can grow them in any type of soil you want. It’s also important that compost to be added in the autumn. A general fertilizer should be applied with two weeks before you start planting potatoes. Lime isn’t necessary, as potatoes prefer a slightly acid soil.

If you’re interested in knowing how to grow potatoes, you should also learn about planting. If you have a greenhouse, you have the opportunity to plant and harvest some potatoes before the outside crop. In a pot filled with compost, you can put three potatoes, as soon as there is some heat in the greenhouse. You will have the possibility to harvest them in April or May, if you planted the potatoes in January or February.

For the crop that will be planted outside, the problem must be approached differently. It is indicated, that you dig V-shaped trenches. The potatoes should be planted at the end of March.

The potato seeds should be planted with the rose-end uppermost, any diseased vegetable should be destroyed. After that, you must cover them with soil, that should be about 8cm thick. Growing potatoes won’t seem so hard, after you get used to it. After a few crops it will become a very easy job.

Caring for the plants is another step in learning how to grow potatoes. Weeds should be instantly removed when the plant stems are about 25cm in height. Tranches should be done between every row of potatoes so you can hoe easily.

The potato has a lot of natural enemies. Diseases like Potato Blight may appear and unfortunately there is no cure for it. Also insects like the common scab , slugs or wireworms may start to appear. You should ask for the right pesticide at the garden shop.

The last part in the process of learning how to grow potatoes is about harvesting. If you see that the flowers are fully bloomed, you should check if the potato is big enough. It should be the size of a chicken egg. If the potatoes are still too small, you can wait one or two weeks. You should harvest more then you need, if you’ll leave the potatoes in the ground they will keep growing

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