How to grow peppers

April 2, 2012

Peppers have a great variety of shapes and sizes, but the most known aspect of peppers is that they are hot, except for the green pepper. Learning how to grow peppers by yourself, will give you the satisfaction, that the spice in the food was created by your own hands.

If you want to learn how to grow peppers you must know that these vegetables should be planted in pots that can hold up to 5 gallons of soil. This way they will have enough space to grow. The pots must have drainage holes, because you don’t want the pepper plants to sit in water at any time. The pots should be filled 75% with a mixture of organic compost and potting soil that drains quickly. On the soil, a starter fertilizer, of about 3 cm, should be applied, so the plants can get enough nutrients.

Each pepper plant should be planted in its own pot. For that you will have to dig a hole, big as the size of the root. A caged, designed for vegetables, should be put over each pot, so it can offer support for the plant when it starts to grow bigger.

Learning how to grow peppers, means learning in what conditions they prefer to grow.  The pots must be placed in a spot where the plant can benefit of the full eight hours of sunlight daily. Also, you should find a room to store them at about 24 degrees Celsius, and somewhere where they are away from heating vents. This will make ideal conditions for germinating and growth. If you can’t provide them enough warmth, you could purchase a halogen or fluorescent light.

Watering isn’t necessary daily, but on a regular basis you should put enough water for the soil to be moist. If it’s needed, you can also apply a layer of mulch to prevent the soil from loosing it’s moisture. A fertilizer should also be applied very week to ensure that the plant gets enough nutrients.

The last part of the “how to grow peppers” lesson is about harvesting. This should be done when you observe that the peppers have reach their full maturity. Usually it takes from around 65 to 85 days, depending on the variety, for the peppers to be ready for picking up. You can spot if the peppers are fully grown if they changed their color and developed a springy and slightly soft feel.

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