How to grow leeks

June 7, 2012

If you like onions then you will love leeks because they are flavorful, nutritious and easier to digest then the onions. In this article I will teach you how to grow leeks. If you are staying in cold regions you don’t have to be worried because leeks are tolerant of cold weather and are also easy growing plants. Besides that the leeks are very expensive to buy from the supermarket and this is another reason for learning how to grow leeks.

Below I will give you some instructions in how to grow leeks.

Firstly you will have to choose a planting site that is in the full sun light and the soil must be well drained with a pH of 6.2 to 7.0.

From the local nursery you will have to buy some started leek plants and plant them at the time of the last spring frost. If you don’t want to buy leek plants from the nursery then you can grow seeds indoor but you have to do that with 10 weeks before the frost-free date from your region.

When the seedlings have the thickness of a pencil you will have to harden them off and transplant them to the garden.

Learning how to grow leeks isn’t that hard and another tip for that is that you will have to set the seedlings 4 to 8 inches apart. If you are going to plant the leeks closer together then this will encourage long, thin stems. If you will set further apart then they will have thicker stems.

An important instruction on learning how to grow leeks is that you will have to do a hole that is deep enough to leave only the top inch of the transplant exposed. After setting the transplant in the hole you will have to fit it loosely with soil.

The most important tip if you want to learn how to grow leeks is that the plants should get at least an inch of water a weeks or else the stems will toughen. To conserve moisture you will have to mulch and side-dress once a month with manure tea.

When the leeks will be big enough to use you are going to be able to harvest them and is recommended to do that. The young and tender ones are very good raw but when they’ve reached scallion-size they are having a better taste when are cooked.

I hope that you know how to grow leeks now and surely you will enjoy doing that.

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