How to grow garlic

March 21, 2012

If you will learn how to grow garlic by yourself, it’s very probable you won’t want to purchase it from the store ever again. It’s taste will be unbelievable. Not only it adds taste to your dishes, but garlic has been also used, as an antibiotic, and it’s known to cure many illnesses.

If you want to learn how to grow garlic, you should know that usually the garlic isn’t grown from seed, cloves are preferred. You should buy some normal garlic bulbs from the store or from someone that has grown them indoors. Then you have to divide the cloves and plant them 6 inches apart. It’s good to know that you have to double the distance between the plants, if you want to grow the larger, but milder “elephant-garlic”. There are many varieties of garlic available, so if you want some more special, like pink, softneck or hardneck garlic, you should check the specialty catalogs, or ask at a specialized shop.

Another advice about how to grow garlic refers to the temperature. If you will succeed in making the plant to grow a lot of leaves, you will have the satisfaction of harvesting a good garlic bulb. The trick is to keep the plants in cooler temperature. Also, a good idea is to plant in a soil that you can be sure won’t suffer from frost. If you’re in an area with milder climates you can plant the garlic in autumn, but if you’re in a colder area, you should plant the garlic in the spring.

If you want to know how to grow garlic it’s good to have some idea about the soil you need to use for planting. A rich soil that it’s moist most of the time, but not wet, is like heaven for the plant. You should avoid planting in heavy clay soil, stones or in a soil that could dry out, because you will get misshaped bulbs. The cloves should be planted about 3 cm deep for normal garlic, and about 7cm deep for the “elephant garlic”. Any weeds that appear should be removed as soon as possible. Watering should be done weekly.

You can clip the garlic leaves, if you need it for cooking, but be careful not to clip more than one quarter of them, because the bulbs will stop growing.

The last part of the “how to grow garlic” lesson is about harvesting. This should be done when the leaves begin turning brown. The bulb should be left to dry in shade, and be cleaned of any remaining soil.

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