How to grow broccoli

March 6, 2012

The soil preparation represents an important part in the process of learning how to grow broccoli. A rich, firm and heavy soil should be prepared for this vegetables.

The ground should not be saturated with water, because the broccoli plants will be in the ground for around 40 weeks. You should find an area where is sunny, and put some compost over it during the autumn. This operation isn’t necessary to be done yearly, if you succeed in taking a good care of the soil.

Two weeks before you start sowing, a fertilizer should be applied. The soil should also be checked for acidity. The pH of the soil should be in a range of 6.2 and 7.2. If you add lime, the soil will become more alkaline.

Most of the broccoli plants are sown in April or May and transplanted in June or July, but just to be sure, you should read the instructions from the seed packet.

In the process of learning how to grow broccoli you must know how to take care of your plants. For keeping the weeds down, you should hoe just around the plants. A net over the ground where the broccoli is planted, will keep the birds away from the young seedlings. If the conditions get very dry, you should water regularly. A liquid fertilizer should be used to feed the growing Broccoli. Staking the plants is also useful, when they get taller.

Another lesson in knowing how to grow broccoli is about pest control. Cabbage Root Flies may appear, that’s why it’s recommended to put some protective discs at the base of the plants. The material of the disc doesn’t matter, so you are free to use your imagination when you’ll be making them.

Caterpillars also represent a serious threat to the health of your plants. You can buy a pesticide from your local garden store. Also, if you find the eggs of the caterpillars, on the leafs, destroy them. Club Root and Aphids can also become a problem. For preventing them, you should seek advice at the garden store.

At his moment you should have learned how to grow broccoli. In the last part, we will tell you something about harvesting. The best moment to start cutting your first plants, is when the little flower buds are still closed. If they flower, the taste of the broccoli will be altered. It’s also good to know that it may take a few week until you manage to pick all the spears.

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