How to grow blueberries

June 21, 2011

Blueberries are a great ingredient for all sorts of pies, jams or snacking, but when you pick them from your own blueberry bush, the satisfaction is even higher. Proper pruning and care will ensure you baskets full of delicious fruits, so start growing blueberries in your own garden as they are easy to plant and take care of. Below you can find some useful information that will help you to grow tasty blueberries.



The first thing you have to do is go to your state agricultural experiment station and ask advice about blueberry varieties. There are many types of blueberries, each with its own features. For example, blue crop makes large light blue berries and grows in dryer areas because it can resist drought.

If you want to grow blueberries, it is important to select the proper location for them. Blueberry bushes don`t grow in alkaline soil, so make sure you plant them in acid soil with high water retention and a pH value between 5 and 6. They prefer sunny locations, but they do well in partial shade, too.

The right time to plant the bushes is either in the fall or the spring. Place the bushes 4 feet apart from one another and 1 inch deeper in the soil than they were when you bought them. For a family of four, 4 to 6 blueberry bushes are enough to provide fruit all season long, but also for some canning.

Fertilizer must be applied in late winter or early spring, about one month before leaves are starting to appear. If the soil is sandy, fertilize again one month later. The soil needs to be acidified if you notice yellow mottling patches on the blueberry bush.

Mulch in early summer. The options for mulch are varied: peat, compost, leaf mold, well-rotted manure. Cover the bushes with a net so that birds do not eat the fruit.

Pruning should be made in the winter after the first 3 years of growth. Fruit only grow on last year`s wood, so try to promote new growth by cutting one or two of the oldest shoots because they will back to a strong new growth able to bear fruit the next year.

As you can see above, it is quite easy to grow blueberries. Enjoy them!

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