How to grow beans

March 24, 2012

Everybody should know how to grow beans because they are very good for our health and they are not that hard to grow. If you have a garden why not take advantage and plant all the vegetables and flowers that make you happy. Children like beans unlike other vegetables such as broccoli so it’s a good opportunity to get them involved in the growing process as well. The good thing about beans is the fact that you can harvest them in any of the three stages: snap, shell and dry. You can cook them in any way but what stands out is the taste which is considerably different from the beans you buy from the supermarket.

Here is how to grow beans in your garden:

  • First you have to pick the spot where you want to plant your beans. You will need a place where the Ph is somewhere between 5.5 to 6.5, where you have shade in the afternoon and where the soil is well drained.
  • Fertilize before you plant the beans in the ground. The beans will need fertilizer full of phosphorus and potassium. Stay away from organic matter with a high level of potassium because the beans do not need it since they get the substance from the air.
  • The seeds must be places in the ground after you are sure that the frost is over because the temperature of the soil must be about 55 degrees F so that the beans can germinate. The seeds do not have to be places too deep in the ground, an inch is enough and two inches between the rows.
  • Beans need poles installed near them because as they grow they will need support.
  • When they grow you should separate them in bushes and set them apart at about six inches
  • Water them every week, more when they are little because they need it to develop. Make sure that you do not over water them because it will cause damage.
  • When they are young harvest the snap beans. They are very good to eat and full of vitamins. You can harvest shell beans when they start to go brown and dry beans when the shell of the beans gets dry.
  • Keep adding compost to the beans just to keep any diseases and insects away from the plant. You should add it until the plant finishes producing.


This is a small guide on how to grow beans which we guarantee will help you grow the biggest and tastiest vegetable.

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