How to grow basil

March 28, 2012

If you like cooking then you should know how to grow basil because you never know when you might want to cook some Italian pasta. Basil can be used in a lot of dishes most of them Indian and Italian. You can use it dry or fresh, fresh is mostly used in salads. The herb can be grown both indoors and outdoors so you do not have to worry if you live in an apartment.

So, here is how to grow basil:
• The first thing you have to do is fill the pot with soil but do not pack it because basil needed drained soil. Add some fertilizer in order to help the plant grow healthy and beautiful.
• Once you have filled the pot with soil make several holes in it with your finger. The holes should be of about ½ inch in depth.
• Add a couple of seeds in each hole and cover them with soil but do not press it over the seeds because they need air and space.
• Place the pot in an area where you have full sun and wait for the seeds to germinate. The basil will start to come out in about a week if you give it sunlight and enough water.
• Once you see the leaves develop it is time to remove the ones which are small and fragile. Keep only the ones that look strong and have more than two leaves.
• If you want to move the basil plants outside go into your garden and pick a spot where you want to grow it.
• Take the plants out of the pot and place them in the ground.
• The soil should be treated with compost in order to encourage the growth of the plant.
• The basil plants should be replanted only after the last frost because they do not like low temperatures.
• Make sure that while the basil is growing you feed it with a special food which you can find at any garden center.
• Water the plant regularly but make sure that you do not over water it.
• Remove any flowers that might appear because if you do not you will have a small basil.
• Harvest the leaves from top to bottom.

Any cook should know how to grow basil and even you if you like Italian dishes. Basil is a very healthy and tasteful herb. It is very easy to grow and you can dry it when the warm season is over.

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