How to grow bamboo

May 29, 2012

If you plant bamboo under the right conditions, in a garden or indoor, then you can be sure that it will grow vigorously. There are many varieties of bamboo, that’s why it is important to choose the right type, depending on how big you want it to grow. You can seek help on-line or at your local garden shop. To learn how to grow bamboo, then you should follow our instructions, and you can be sure it won’t grow out of control, as they tend to, if you aren’t careful enough. There are a few things that you should acquire before you start planting: a lawn fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, garden shears and a 5 gallon plastic nursery container.

The first thing you should know, if you want to learn how to grow bamboo, is that you should select bamboo plants that are container bound. You should know that the speed of the bamboo growth depends on how crowded the roots are.

You should select a site that is exposed to full sunlight or is partial shaded. Before sending up vertical shoots, running varieties send rhizomes away from the parent plant. If you have chosen a clumping-type of bamboo you should know that it will send up vertical shoots from short rhizomes and it will start growing from the outer edges of the main plant. If you want to plant a running-type bamboo, then you will need a 5 gallon plastic nursery container with its bottom cut out, so you can be sure the plant will grow normal.

Learning how to grow bamboo implies knowing something about watering the plant. It should be done in abundance to be sure the plant will grow fast. The growth is in direct relation with the amount of water it receives.

Another thing you should know, in the process of learning how to grow bamboo, is how to fertilize the plant. Fertilization should be done very frequently with a lawn fertilizer that has high amounts of nitrogen. This will help the freshly planted bamboo establish.

Dead canes should be removed as soon as they appear. If you cut the canes close to the ground then you can be sure that they will live for years.

Also we can offer you some tips, if you want to learn everything about how to grow bamboo. Most bamboo plants grow slowly in their first years, but after that, when the plant becomes mature, it will grow much faster. If you hold black water and fertilizer, then you can restrict the size of your plants. Also, you should know that it is best to keep the soil moist, as bamboo rhizomes don’t spread in dry soil.

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