With the summer heat approaching fast, people start thinking about moving out from the house into their yards in order to enjoy the cool breeze and starry sky specific to summer nights. It is normal to feel suffocated in the house during sunny days when the blue of the sky and the green of the vegetation seem so inviting. In fact, nothing is more relaxing than reading a book in the garden during the afternoon and gathering with your friends and family at a barbeque during the evening on a sunny day in July. When summer comes, it is finally the time to take advantage of your beautiful garden and transform it into the perfect living space. If you wish to move your living room outside, you need to organize you space up to the last detail and visit a modern chairs store in Ottawa to pick up some comfortable chairs and a swing where. You will probably spend most of your free time in the garden once the preparations are done, so it is of utmost importance to choose extremely comfortable and resistant chairs, stools, sofas or swings, whatever you have in mind of using for your new outdoor living space. The purpose of your little plan should be to combine functionality, aesthetic appeal and high quality to create a space where you can truly relax.

Comfort always comes first

Whether you plan to visit a furniture store in Ottawa and pick new furniture for your project or you wish to save money and use the furniture you have at hand, you should always keep in mind that comfort should be your top priority. Sitting a few hours in a poorly designed chair will render your new living space useless, because you will not be able to relax. Common garden chairs are the last thing you wish to purchase, because their design is focused on functionality. They are created to be sturdy, water resistant and easy to deposit. This means that they usually lack the elaborate design needed for a good back support or even the cushions meant to keep you comfortable sitting for hours. Your outdoor relaxation space should be available to you in the winter too, so you could consider purchasing some outdoor space heaters; then, no matter how cold it is outside, or whether it’s snowing, you’ll still be able to sit around the table with your friends, or even barbecue like any other day.


Get inventive

Improvising a living space in your garden is quite easy, as long as you keep your own comfort in mind and you do not hold back from using any kinds of methods to obtain it. For instance, you can repurpose some things you already own in order to obtain the feeling and comfort you are looking for. Privacy can be obtained by hanging bright outdoor rugs or drapes around the space where you wish to create an intimate atmosphere. Using solar path lights is an ingenious and inexpensive way of creating atmosphere by shedding subtle light onto your flowers during the evening. They are easy to set up, because no wires are required. Another great idea would be to rearrange flower pots to separate defined spaces and increase the overall aesthetic appeal. Add colorful cushions and hang lanterns all over the place to create the perfect midsummer night ambient.

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