Lounging by the pool on long summer afternoons seems like a perfect pastime for everyone; if you’re one of the lucky owners of a private swimming pool, then you’re already half-way to creating the best environment for rest and relaxation. Bodies of water tend to relax and calm us in general, so even if it’s just a pool and not a river or lake, seeing the water bounce slowly, casting lights and shadows all around, just gives you a sense of peacefulness and helps clear the mind. However, simply putting a swimming pool in your yard is not enough to make it the ideal relaxation spot. This is why we are going to give you a few tips on how to create a relaxing swimming pool side area, thus making your yard and garden very welcoming.

  • Mattresses and chaise lounges – Even though you’re not at the beach so getting too sandy is not an issue, while you sunbathe you may still want to lay on something comfortable. The tiles around you pool are definitely not, so you might as well invest in something that is; while the common choice are chaise lounges and other reclining chairs, you could make your own set-up, to add a more personal touch to your little spa space. For instance, you could buy the best firm mattress, one that isn’t king sized but not too small either, and create a support for it from pallets, or some other pieces of wood. Add a few throw pillows on, and you’ve got a mattress that more people can use.
  • Shady and cool – Although spending time in the sun is great, it’s not that indicated; thus, while not purposely tanning, you should rest in the shade, so your body temperature doesn’t increase too much. We recommend investing in a large sun umbrella, or a canopy. However, a more appealing idea is to make your own canopy and add it to your own home-made mattress; the second picture is a great example of how a side pool lounge can look, and if you’re a bit handy with wood, you can build one yourself.

  • Comfort is in the details – Make sure you’ve got everything you need around the pool, so you won’t have to get inside the house every time someone needs something. A short table is useful for drinks and snacks, which shouldn’t be left by the pool side anyways; a towel rack will also come in handy, allowing you to dry them between swims and to reach them easily.

All in all, having a great time by the pool is simple; add a few water toys to your environment and the fun will never be over as long as weather allows it. Try to do the above projects on your own; it will lead to the creation of something unique that represents you, and could save you a lot of money.

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