Living in a home with a big yard is a luxury which few people afford and it comes with many advantages. You can have a picture-perfect front yard and a relaxing backyard, accommodated to satisfy all your desires. However, few people actually know how to accommodate their backyard in order for it to be comfortable and relaxing. Today we are going to give you a few tips in order to help you build an outdoor kitchen. A space like this is mandatory for any person who wishes to have the perfect backyard. An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the nice weather and prepare a delicious meal outside without running back and forward into the house, carrying dishes and beverages. Furthermore, it also allows you to cook food with intense flavors without smelling up the house. So get ready to have a delicious meal of smoked fish as you will never again have to worry about the indoor smell.

The building process
The hardest part of building an outdoor kitchen is coating the frame and the lath in a layer or mortar. It is essential to install a tarp in order to protect your appliances for unfavorable weather conditions. You can apply whatever finish decorations suit your yard best. The next step of the process is installing the counters. The main ingredient of an outdoor kitchen is a stainless steel grill which should be set into a 3 ft long plywood base and it should be flanked with two more 4 ft. bases. There should be some cabinets below the bases and you should also have a counter top on each side of the grill. One of the counter tops should definitely include a sink.

The appliances
If you have a strict budget, you can purchase the appliances over time as they are not mandatory. However, having them can save you a lot of running back and forward carrying things. The first appliance that you should buy is a mini fridge so that you can have cold beverages within your hand’s reach. Check out the best refrigerator reviews and choose a compact model which features a durable stainless steel finish. It does not necessarily have to be a mini fridge, but it should definitely have to be a compact model as you don’t really need a lot of storing space in an outdoor fridge. When researching the best refrigerator reviews, you can look for models which are specifically designed for the outdoors. Once you purchase the fridge, you might also want to consider a small outdoor dishwasher. Most people consider this appliance to be less than useful in an outdoor kitchen, but it all depends on your comfort needs.

An outdoor kitchen can be as sophisticated or simple as you want it to be. If your backyard is very small, stick to the basics which are the grill and the sink. After all, you are better off saving the yard space for more pleasant relaxation areas such as a gazebo or a pool. However, if your space allows it, invest in a nice and complete outdoor kitchen as it will simplify your life greatly.

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