Hotpoint dishwasher

June 19, 2012

So as you may expect from one of the largest and most popular brands of electronics manufacturing program this has a huge range of designs, colors and aesthetic options.

Hotpoint brand combines past and future to give life to a new generation of of kitchen appliances, ergonomic, intuitive and reliable, with a classic, refined look that lightens household tasks.

Hotpoint is a synonym for excellence in design, different features, comfort, and intelligence: while the company explored the digital world, seeking the most advanced technologies, developing innovative products like Leon @ RDO, the first interactive display kitchen with multimedia, or Digital Ariston line. And more. This brand also makes quality commercial coffee makers, some of the best on the market actually; these products are used in a lot of bars and restaurants, and they are famous for brining out the best aroma from coffee beans. Now that you know this, you might be interested in purchasing both the dishwasher and one of the commercial coffe makers, or simple coffee makers. Your kitchen will be complete and you will have saved a lot of money with these appliances.

Launching more and more advanced solutions allowed the obtaining of significant results in the eco sustainability. Special care shown by Hotpoint for saving resources and environmental protection has led to the launch of kitchen appliances that provide high standards of efficiency and low consumption, marked by the symbol ECOTECH: washing machines, dishwashers, dryer machines, blender, refrigerators and ovens provide energy savings without compromising performance. Furthermore, the company is committed to continuous monitoring of environmental impact during the manufacturing process, reducing consumption of electricity, gas and water, and CO2 emissions.

Every Hotspot Dishwasher has obtained Triple A Class – the biggest grade in Europe in terms of energetic efficiency and washing and drying effectiveness.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Ariston LFT 114/HA has the following configuration: Dishwasher 45 cm, total built-in; Washing capacity: 10 sets; The Energy (consumption, washing, drying): AAA ; 4 wash programs; Safety system: Water Detector; SIAT Drying: Drying System Dynamic; Quick Installation Fast Fix System; Energy consumption (kWh): 1.05 (kWh); Maximum absorbed power at 230V: 2.1; Washing Efficiency Class: A;  Drying Efficiency Class: A ; water consumption (litters): 16 ; estimated annual energy consumption (kWh): 231 (220 cycles ).

Hotpoint Dishwasher Ariston LSP 720 AX/HA has the following configuration: Dishwasher 45 cm, built-in part; Washing capacity: 10 sets; Energy label (consumption, washing, drying): AAA; 7 wash programs; Stop Water System Safety; Fast installation Fast Fix System; X – inox; Energy efficiency class: A; Energy consumption (kWh): 1.02; Maximum absorbed power at 230V: 1.65; Washing performance class: A; Drying Efficiency Class: A; water consumption (lt): 10; estimated annual energy consumption (kWh): 224; annual water consumption (lt): 2200; IEC ECO cycle time: 140 ;noise level (dBA): 49.

The Hotpoint Dishwasher gamma is very large, if you are interested on buying one product you should also see other models in order to get exactly what you need.

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