Safety is truly important, both in your personal home and your office. Fire is a present danger in today’s society and the responsible way of acting is taking the right measures, preventing a difficult situation from turning into a real tragedy. Companies are now legally forced to equip their offices appropriately, reason for which the specialised fire extinguishers Bedford market has grown so much. If you are looking to start a business and the fire safety regulations are giving you a hard time, it’s time you found out all there is about this type of equipment. This way, you will know exactly what you are in need of.

First of all, your domain of activity is of the essence, as this will determine the possible causes of a fire. For instance, if your offices are full of electrical apparatus, then you will be needing a class E fire extinguisher. In most offices, class A is sought after, because this deals with fires caused by solids, like wood, paper, plastic, basically all materials found in most offices. There are six different classes, each targeting a different domain of activity or purpose. The fire extinguishers Bedford options range accordingly to class. The cheapest and most popular option is the water fire extinguisher, suitable for class A fires, but not adequate for class B, which deals with flammable liquids or class E. Foam fire extinguishers are better to purchase than the above mentioned types, because these pieces of equipment can be used in both class A and B and behave better when dealing with an electricity caused fire. The most versatile option is without a doubt dry powder equipment, as this can be appropriately used in class A, B and C. Moreover, there are specially made powders, which can quench class D fires. In case of short circuit, the solution is CO2 fire extinguishers, but unfortunately, having no post fire security, the flames could re-ignite. Wet chemical and metal specialised extinguishers are suitable for classes D and F and this is what you should definitely purchase if you are working with aluminium or titanium or you own a restaurant.

Another aspect you should definitely take into account is choosing a metal extinguisher, because these items tend to deteriorate more easily if the spraying mechanism is made of plastic. Moreover, there are many companies which refuse to refill extinguishers made of plastic, arguing that these items are not safe and that they might leak after it has been used. The best way to be sure that you are making the right decision is to work with a reliable supplier like There, experts can point you in the right direction in the matter of fire extinguishers Bedford options. Safety should not be regarded solely as a legal obligation. Simply by listening to your local news, you will find out how many homes or office buildings were ruined by a fire. Extinguishers can save lives and it is always best to have one and never use it instead of needing such a piece of equipment and not having it.


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